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About Me

Greetings my fellow Dinarians!

My name is Muhammad and welcome to my site.

​That's me with my family.   We live in Malaysia,  the land of beautiful beaches and sunshine.

​My journey began in 2007, going on about 13 years now.  I started off with Iraqi Dinars and during this time, I have added Zimbabwe Dollars, Iranian Rial, Vietnamese Dong and some Indonesia Rupiah.

In the early days I kept track of things on paper, but over the years and as my quantity of currencies increased it became more difficult to keep track on paper.   And not to mention, that I had many future plans and goals to help others.

​Then the thought came to me, hey, I wonder after all my planning, how much money would I actually have left over?  So I started working on the CEP.
I am quite certain that once you take a look at it, you will agree that it is the most advanced planning tool for the Dinar Community.


Aside from keeping an eye on the Dinar.  I am active in Martial Arts.  I have a black belt in Ninjutsu and several black belts in various weapons, namely the Bo staff, nan chucks and sai.  I enjoy training with weapons .  My greatest achievement is my 4th Dan in Kyusho Jutsu, the study of pressure points in defensive situations.  I have earned the title of Master and I am the highest ranked Kyusho practitioner in Asia.


Well that's about it, enjoy my video below, I was playing around with the Bo staff on fire and enjoy my site.

Please use the contact me page if you have any questions.

Thank you in advance.
Your friend and Dinarian,
Master Muhammad Ali.

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