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Have you been looking for Dinar but cannot find any?  I have stock of Dinar and can ship from Malaysia.

25K NOTE.jpg

Price is $50 USD per 25,000 note


Minimum order 40 notes = 1 million IQD


FREE Shipping by DHL with tracking.

Payment by Western Union.

Includes receipt of purchase.


There is no certificate of authenticity as we do not do that in Malaysia.  BUT be assured the notes are genuine and I purchase my supply from a Licensed Money Changer in Singapore.  Singapore's Central Bank is extremely strict and there is absolutely ZERO tolerance for fraud.

I have been selling currency in Malaysia and Singapore for the past 9 years, I have 1,000 people in my group and the last thing I want is for me or anyone I sell to, to buy fake notes.

If you wish to purchase please send me an email:

Thank you,

Muhammad Ali

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