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The MOST compiled list of the 4 Currency Baskets to date!!!! 6 Page Report !!!

I have always believed that once the first basket of currencies is completed we will have more opportunities to make more money.

So for the past 13 years, I have been compiling a list of all the countries/currencies in the GCR and which basket they will fall in.

This list was comprised by paying very, very close attention to intel, in their chat rooms, in forums, and on websites, over the many years.

We know that the currencies will not go all as one, but in a sequence over 4 baskets.  These baskets will be about 6 months apart from each other.  Meaning that once the first basket goes, 6 months later the 2nd will follow and so on.

I have compiled the lists by the country, currency name and code.  I have provided the list of the first basket for your reference.

What I have not provided is which currency will go up and by how much, remember some currencies will devalue.  This information at this time is difficult to ascertain.


When the time of RV, I plan to pay a team of researchers to research each country in the 2nd basket and so on.  Through careful study and research we will have a very good idea of which countries are next on our list to purchase their currencies.  For those who have purchased my CBL I will provide all the research to them at no additional cost, along with my top picks.

Any future updates to this list will also be provided at no additional cost.


Basket Update:

It may be possible that with the launch of the NEW QFS system, ALL baskets may go at one time.  So what I have been doing is sending out reports, of additional countries that will Revalue. Once you purchase my Basket List I will send you these additional reports that I have completed already and once you review the report, you can make your own determination on whether or not you want to invest in that currency now and by how much.  You will also receive any new reports automatically, once they are available.

First Basket.jpg

So get a head start and see which countries are in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Baskets.

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