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I will be raising the price to $99.

The NEW price will include: the CEP v8.0, Mobile App and the Companion Edition. 

Once I raise the price I will no longer sell them individually.


The Desktop CEP version 8.0 sells for the low price of $39.99.

The Mobile App CEP version 8.0 sells for the low price of $39.99.

The TWO together is $79.98

This is a Fantastic price considering the years, months, days and hours that I put into developing the software.


I truly want you to be with me and be part of the 15% who will succeed after the RV.

So Today, I will help you further your planning and, I am going to give you the CEP Mobile App .... a $39.99 value...ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

Just buy my Desktop version ($39.99) and I will give you the Mobile App for FREE.  

That's Right! Buy 1 and GET 1 FREE.  BUT, I will advise you that this is a limited time offer and I will stop this promotion.  So if you BUY NOW, you can secure both for 1 price.

CEP - Companion Edition -Desktop version

This is an Add-on program to the main program. 

The CEP v8.0 helps you with your immediate currency exchange planning whereas the Companion Edition helps you with planning your Capital Gains Taxes, Long Term Wealth Management, Calculating your Net Worth, Assembling your Professional Team to assist you after RV, and Crypto Currencies planning and tools, Projecting Management planning

Together these two software will help you protect and keep your wealth for decades to come.

CEP has reached 80 countries and growing!

Thank you for making CEP The No. 1 planning tool for the Dinar Community.

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