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Why I always say that this investment is 100% win and zero risk…with proof!


By Muhammad Ali


This article I wrote back in 2015, some of the links may still be working and some may not be, but with some further digging you will still be able to track down the original articles.


However, if you follow the logic flow, everything should be crystal clear.


In this article, I will show you something very special about this investment.  Some say this investment is speculative, however, I say it is guaranteed.


Let me explain more.


Have you ever written a test but before the test you had all of the answers. 


Where you very confident when you answered the questions?  Yes of course you were.


Where you confident of the outcome?  Yes of course you were...


If you know all of the answers of a test before the test that means you are guaranteed an 'A+' right?


Well this is what we also know about this investment.  We know the answers and we know the outcome.


So in this post i will prove to you that this investment is 100% WIN and ZERO RISK.


I will focus on Iraq, but our confidence extends to Iran and Zimbabwe as well as Viet Nam and Indonesia (if you are invested with those)


So let's begin:



People wonder if this investment is really a scam or if it can happen or not.  Why do they think this way?  Simply because they did not do their homework and study for their test.


I will clarify many things in this post as well.  So please pay close attention.


Let's talk about lower denominations.



Iraq, Iran, Zimbabwe etc... Cannot change the value of their current currency.


They must, "MUST!" introduce a NEW currency.


Only with this new currency can they change the value/rate.


Some people believe that when Iraq comes out with a new currency, the old currency (what we hold now) will be cancelled and the banks will not accept... RUBBUSH!!!!


After 1944 with the inception of the IMF and World country can produce a new currency and just cancel the old currency.


Remember, what we hold is not just a piece of paper, this is legal tender and there are international monetary laws behind this money.


If a country introduces new currency (money), then that country must, Must! Give the citizens of the country an adequate time frame to exchange the old for the new.  This time frame must, Must! Be stated at the time of the introduction of the new currency. 


This is according to the procedures of the IMF and the BIS.


So do not worry about when Iran, or Iraq or Zimbabwe produces their new currency.  We are expecting this and we want them to introduce new money.


The citizens of those countries will exchange their old money for the new money but we will not.  We will exchange our old money back to RM or SGD or your local currency for those in other countries.


So again do not worry about this.


So what are the lower denominations?  Denominations are just the type of notes available.  For example:


RM1, RM5, RM10, RM20, RM50, RM100 are the denominations here in Malaysia.


When we say 'lower' denominations, it just means lower numbers compared to the higher numbers like 100,000, 500,000 etc.


Ok let's move on.


So in any investment, we can either make money or we can lose money, this is logical thinking, right?


Same should go with Iraqi dinars, we can either make money or we can lose money, right?


Ok let me explain some more.


Iraq's current denominations are:

Notes: 50, 250, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000 (some will remember that the 50 note was demonetized (discontinued)


Here is a picture of the paper money notes:


Coins: 25, 50, 100 (what is important to note. Is these coins were minted in 2003 and were recalled in 2004 because the local people would melt the coins and sell the scrap metal for more value than the coin itself.  So in 2004, the Central Bank of Iraq stopped issuing coins. (Please remember this because i will come back to this later - this is a very important point)


Here is a picture of the coins:


Ok so as I said, Iraq cannot change the value of the current money, they must, Must! Come out with new money at a higher value in order to change the value.


So there are two options for this:


Option 1: Iraq comes out with lower denominations like:

1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200




Option 2: Iraq comes out with higher denominations like:

100,000 200,000 500,000 1,000,000 notes


So these are the 'ONLY' two possibilities.


So now let's understand the difference between each of them.


If Iraq does option 1, it means they have increased the value of the dinar and we become millionaires. 


If Iraq does option 2, it means they have decreased the value of the dinar and we lose our money.


So the question is, which option will they choose???


Now from the beginning of this post, i told you we already know the answer to this question.


So we know the answers to the test before the test!


Since 2012 the new denominations that Iraq wants to change to, has already been printed.


Yes that's right! The new notes are ready and waiting.


From my brother's contacts in IMF, they informed us that the new notes were in fact printed in 2012 by the Thomas de la rue company in Texas, USA and shipped to Iraq.  The notes were actually being stored in Jordan, but we know the notes were sent back to Iraq and were being distributed to the local banks in Iraq.


So the new notes are sitting and waiting inside the banks in Iraq.


So now, back to the question, which option will they choose?


Option 1.  The new notes are 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, and 200.


So if you truly understand what I said, it means that we already know the outcome of this investment.  We already know what currency Iraq will introduce, so we already know that this investment is 100% WIN and ZERO RISK.


Now do I have proof of this information?  I sure do.  Let's look at some proof now.


Proof #1.


This website has leaked information about the new notes and what pictures is displaced on each note.





Proof #2.


Now do you remember option number 2???  If Iraq brings out higher numbers?


Can you imagine Iraq producing a 500,000 dinar coin?  Or a 1,000,000 dinar coin?


They cannot right?  If they produce a 1,000,000 dinar coin, the citizens again will melt the coins down and sell the metal as scrap.


So here is an article from the Iraqi Central Bank stating "for the issuance of metal coins".



Look here the central bank says it again: to issue coins...



This announcement is very important because it clearly tells us that Iraq will issue metal coins again but with lower numbers.  It would not make any, Any! Logical sense for the Central Bank of Iraq to devalue their money... Introduce higher denomination notes and at the same time introduce coins back into circulation when they removed them in 2004 because people would metal the coins as scrap.



So for the central bank to announce to the world we are issuing coins again tells you something!!!


They will raise the value of the currency.



Proof #3.


Ok the next article is from the Central Bank of Iraq and it is telling you something very important.




“.... This will enhance the value and easy to transport, "


Ok let's think about this for a minute.  'Enhance the value' --- not reduced the value.


'Easy to transport'.  The new currency will be easy to transport.


Is this what you would call easy to transport?



No i don't think so.


It means the new currency will have low note values and easy to carry around in your pocket.


Proof #4.


Iraq is the world's fastest growing emerging market economy.





Proof #5.


Iraq is the richest country in the world.  Not just in oil but in minerals.






Can you possibly imagine Iraq choosing option number 2: and make higher denominations notes???  No way!!!


It would mean the value would change from 0.00080 USD per Dinar (now) to 0.00000080 USD per Dinar (after devalue).


It is highly improbable for them to do so... It's like being a trillionaire and living in a house the size of a toilet... There is no logic for Iraq to devalue their currency !!!! None !!!



So feel confident in this investment.  We already know the answers to the questions and very important we already know the outcome of this investment.


Just wait for it....


Don't sell your currency because some quack tells you this is a scam...or is sceptical about this investment...


Buy more currency... You will never get this opportunity again... Ever! ... Well ok maybe in 100 years.


Please share this with others. 


I hope my article has been of some interest to you.


I am the creator of the Currency Exchange Planner, an excel spread sheet, which is the most advanced and affordable planning tool for the Dinar Community.


Muhammad Ali

The No. 1 Planning Tool for the Dinar community.

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