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The RV, the Story of Patience and the Story of Prophet Noah.


By Muhammad Ali


Many of us have been waiting years and some even over a decade of waiting for the RV.  The question that keeps coming up over and over again is WHEN?  WHEN!  WHEN!


I too have asked myself that question and I certainly wish that I could answer it.


All that we can be assured of is that it is coming and to have patience.


Now seems like a great time to remind ourselves about the story of Prophet Noah.


I suggest that many of you compare your level of faith to that of Prophet Noah.


You know if we look closely at the story of Prophet Noah, there are some very good lessons to be learned.


We know that he was around 480 years of age when he received the guidance to build the ark.


How did that guidance come?  Did God come down and talk to him face to face?  No


Did Angel Gabriel come down and talk to Prophet Noah. With the instructions to build the ark?  Maybe


Or was it just a voice in Prophet Noah’s head to build the ark? Another possibility.


My point is that Prophet Noah only had 1 source of information...yet he believed.


He did not have overlapping sources of confirmation that proved to him beyond a shadow of a doubt that building this ark was not the right thing to do nor did he have any geological surveys or weather forecasts saying that major heavy rain warnings ahead.


So again, Prophet Noah had only 1 source of confirming information and nothing black and white, just hearsay....yet he believed.


Remember guys, it took Prophet Noah 75 years to build the ark.  What patience this man and his sons had with the town’s people mocking him and his family.  This was not 4 or 5 people.  This was hundreds of people, every single day for 75 years.  This alone will drive someone to insanity.


Once the ark was completed, God Almighty sent the rains and flood but 50 years later.  What patience this man and his sons had with the town’s people still continuing to mock him and his family.  The mocking would be now more severe and intense.  God strengthen Noah and his family in faith because they believed and put their trust in God.


So a total of 125 years went by from start to flood.   This is true test of patience of any man.  So regardless of how long you have waited for the RV and the tests you have gone thru, it would be incomparable to that of Prophet Noah and his family.


For some of you in this investment the wait has been long and for some, very short, yet you still keep asking when?  When?  When?


Some have endured great tests during this waiting time for RV and some have not shed a sweat or tear.


True faith in God is having patience in His timing.   Because of this waiting many of you have been able to get more currency.  I know I have.  My wait has been, now going into 13 years, however, the amount of currency I have now as compared to 2012 is considerably a lot more.  So God is great!


God has strengthen my belief in this investment as he did with Prophet Noah or else, I would have stopped posting years ago and just stayed quiet as with many of the previous Intel.


The RV will happen in God's timing and then the second test will begin, the test of readiness.  Are you truly ready?  That is the question?  Time will tell.


I hope my article has been of some interest to you.


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Muhammad Ali

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