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How well have you prepared for your Currency Exchange?

By Muhammad Ali


We have all read on Dinar Recaps, the statistics of those who have acquired sudden wealth and how long that wealth lasted. The results are not good. Most lose their wealth, their newly acquired assets and possibly are filing for bankruptcy within 3 to 5 years of receiving it.


The problem with most people, especially when it comes to money, they do not plan ahead or they do not plan at all.


Will we be a part of these statistics? The sad truth is, YES for about 80% of the people, they will be part of these statistics, and only about 20% will be able to preserve their wealth for more than 5 years or more.


"May the Odds be ever in your favour!" Some of you will remember that from the Hunter Games movie series.


Unfortunately the odds will not be in our favour unless we plan and work towards it.


In my Currency group, here in Malaysia, I hear so many times, that after RV, they want to travel around world, sail around the world, help all their friends and families, buy properties in real estate, buy land, buy cars, donate to so and so charity... and the list goes on and on.


As for me, I want to buy a submarine...hahahaha, but that's another story.


The fact is there is something on the above list that is of interest to all of us.


So after listening to my group members, I play devil's advocate with them and ask them. Ok it's great that you want to do so much and help so many but the question is, after you do all this and buy all of that, how much money will you have left over? And how long will that balance last you?


Then the silence comes in and three words from their month. "I don't know."


So that started my path to create the Currency Exchange Planner software.


Frankly and in my opinion it is the best planning tool ever created for the Dinar community. There is absolutely nothing like it available.


You can keep track of your Dinar, Rial, Dong, Zim and/or Rupiah exchanges. Enter in the expected rate of exchange along with the number of notes you have and presto, instantly see your Net Worth.


It has planning features for Debt, Charity, Family Gifting and Future purchases as well as Gold and Silver purchases. Enter all of your existing debts and the net worth updates on the fly. Enter in all the charities you wish to donate to and family members you want to gift to and again see the new balance update instantly. And then the 'Dream' tab as I call it, your Future purchases, land, houses, yachts and boats..submarines.., cars, properties, traveling, what tickles your fancy and see how much money you will have left over.


Then the Gold and Silver planning - Plan B, as I call it. Your purchase of physical gold and silver as your back up in case of rainy days ahead.


So after, all is send and done it will tell you the balance of your exchanged money. So now you can either think that Yes, my plans are feasible or now it's time to do some thinking and re-adjusting of numbers.


A new feature that I recently added, is the CEP will even project how many years this balance can last you. This is a cool feature. Now you can see in numbers, black and while from the left over balance, if you were to live on $xxx amount a month, how many years or generations the money will last you. Of course there are other factors to consider like inflation and such, however it is still a cool feature to see.


I have always told my group that, after you exchange, you will be buying or giving and the money will be going out the door. It is imperative that you have money coming in or with simple mathematics, Money = Out will soon be Money = 0. Sooner or later, the money will run out and you all know what that means, back to square one. I can feel some of you cringing your teeth at that thought. God, forbid we ever have to go back to J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).


So I added an Investment planning section that you can allocate a budget for investments. Then you can see the profit results in yearly and monthly form. For example, a fixed deposit in Malaysia will earn 4.77% p.a. so we can set aside an amount of our exchanged funds that we can have money coming in every month. There are other forms of banking investments such as Bonds and Treasury Bills that can give us a guaranteed investment return. You can discuss these with your wealth managers.


I also added several guides on investing, setting up bank accounts and pre and post RV security tips.


So I truly believe that my Currency Exchange Planner will be of great benefit to all of you.


I could easily sell this for $100, as I have put a tonne of man hours into it. Even $50 would be a bargain. However, I have always promoted the Dinar because I believe in this investment and I have shared it with others with that same belief so I wanted to keep the price low... $30.

Remember this special promo code will only last for 3 days.


The software is available in both Mobile App and Desktop PC versions.

 I wish you all the best on your exchanges.

Muhammad Ali

The No. 1 Planning Tool for the Dinar community.

Available in Desktop PC/MAC and Mobile App (Android & IOS) versions

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