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Anxiety and Sudden Wealth

By Muhammad Ali

Let's look at anxiety and the effects on it when you add sudden wealth into the picture.

First of all, what is anxiety?

The American Psychological Association (APA) defines anxiety as "an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure."

If we look a little deeper into anxiety, when an individual faces potentially harmful or worrying triggers, feelings of anxiety are not only normal but necessary for survival.

Since the earliest days of humanity, the approach of predators and incoming danger sets off alarms in the body and allows evasive action. These alarms become noticeable in the form of a raised heartbeat, sweating, and increased sensitivity to surroundings.

The danger causes a rush of adrenaline, a hormone and chemical messenger in the brain, which in turn triggers these anxious reactions in a process called the "fight-or-flight' response. This prepares humans to physically confront or flee any potential threats to safety.

Seems kind of normal to me, then why is it bad and where is the connection to sudden wealth?

People suffering from what is called “Sudden Wealth Syndrome” tend to have the following symptoms/issues:

Marked increase in anxiety symptoms or panic attacks–it’s like turning up the volume on your baseline level of anxiety.

Money-related ruminations: recurrent, persistent thoughts, impulses, and images that are experienced as intrusive and inappropriate, causing distress.  Here anxiety and uncertainty can take on the proportions of obsessive thinking.  As these symptoms worsen, the person’s daily life activities are intruded upon by thoughts or feelings about their money.

Why is this a problem? For most of us, exchanging our currency and striking it rich would solve all our problems, right?

Good question.

It’s hard for people to believe that people with money have problems, including the people who have the money.  After all, they’ve fulfilled the American Dream, why aren’t they happy?  It may seem that we need to dig deep into our emotional pockets to find any empathy for the suddenly successful.  That’s the interesting part of SWS: if money was an end point, then people wouldn’t have these problems.  But in fact the distress or impairment that people experience as a consequence of sudden wealth is in excess of what one would ordinarily expect from exposure to what appears to be a positive source of stress.  These are people whose concerns about money become painful ruminations that ruin their daily lives, people whose feelings of confusion and guilt lead to self-destructive behaviors, people whose families are ripped apart and whose lives over time become devastated as a result of SWS.  Many begin to develop symptoms, problems that reflect their anxiety, guilt and uncertainty about having money.

So what is the best way to combat S.W.S? Planning ahead.

Although it is not possible to prepare for every type of financial windfall, situations such as our currency exchanges can be planned out ahead of time.

By planning ahead we create a sense of mindfulness around the money.

By thinking deeply about what you want to do with it to match your values, and make decisions with clarity to use your exchanged wealth wisely and well.

As I advised in my video, CEP THE MOVIE, the first thing you should do is take your time and assemble your Team.  Everyone's team will be different based on the amount they will have after the RV.  So you'll have to apply some common sense here based on your own emotions and well being.

The basic elements of your team should consist of a lawyer who specializes in high Net worth individuals, an accountant, a wealth manager to assist you in investments, a private banker and/or a financial planner.

The key point here is not to do it alone.

SWS is not a real medical disorder, there are no medication for it but anxiety and stress are very, very real.  And we all know what devastating effects stress can have on a person.  

The more you are aware of sudden wealth syndrome the more you can combat the anxiety and stress that comes with it.  

SWS is kind of to me the Murphy's Law of the RV.  We all know they're going to come and I mean both the RV and SWS.  The RV, we have no control over, so we leave the timing to God but SWS... we can prepare for.  So best thing to do is plan ahead and when our day of days comes we'll be ready to put our plans in motion.

On a positive note, sudden wealth actually creates opportunity - for security, for pleasure, for doing good – but without careful planning, it can create headaches (and heartaches too).  With a financial plan in place, you can avoid the negatives (regret, remorse, guilt), and embrace the positive outcomes from our new found wealth.

My Currency Exchange Planner can help you achieve this.  It will help you plan your exchanges, you'll be able to see your estimated Net worth, enter your debts, plan your charity and family gifting and future plans and see the immediate effect on your net worth.  You can even do a projection of how many years this left over balance can last you and plan your future investments more.  

ARTICLE UPDATE: As we await the RV, some may have already started the feelings of anxiety and stress.  Visit my niece's website, and she may be able to help you.

Areefa’s life is dedicated to helping people to potentially eliminate pain, stress, anxiety and depression without drugs, surgery or invasive procedures of any kind.

After overcoming her own chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression, she has developed a proven and duplicatable system to transfer to others who are suffering from physical and emotional pain.

For close to a decade, Areefa has been coaching one-on-one, conducting events and empowering trainings online and offline to generate massive results for her clients and students.


Thank you and I wish you all the success in your currency exchange.

Muhammad Ali

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