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Envelope Planning
By Muhammad Ali

You're probably thinking, what the heck is that?

It's an idea that I suggested to my group here in Malaysia and I think it's great idea for those who want to take their planning to the next step.

Once you have entered all of your exchange plans into my Currency Exchange Planner software, this is the next logic step that can help you further get a clearer picture of your overall financial portfolio.

So how does this work, Muhammad?

You categorized your allocation of currency based upon your exchange plans. So let's see an example and then things will be more clear.  

Below is a sample exchange plan from one of my group members.  What he has done is made 16 envelopes and he put the required amount of currency in each labeled envelope based upon the amounts from his exchange planner.  Remember that everyone's plans will be different, kind of like fingerprints, it's specific to each person.  In this example, the person is holding Iraqi Dinar, Iranian Rial and Zimbabwe Dollar, you can substitute these for any other currencies you are holding, including Dong or Rupiah but just follow the logic flow of the example.

1. First RV exchange to secure Team (1 note IQD)
2. Pay current debts (1 note IQD)
3. Buy a house with land  (40 notes x IRR)
4. Open a Private Bank account (10 notes x IRR)
5. Bank Investments (40 note iqd, 40 notes x IRR)
6. Farming/Agriculture business (15 notes x IQD)
7. Plan B - Precious Metals (50 notes x IRR)
8. Entertainment & Travel  (2 notes x ZIM 100T)
9. Charity project 1 (15 notes x IQD 15 notes x IRR)
10. Charity project 2 (1 note x ZIM 100T)
11. Miscellaneous purchases (5 notes x IRR)
12. Family In-laws gifting (10 notes x IQD)
13. Taxes and expenses for 10 years (1 note x ZIM 100T)
14. Currencies to Exchange 5 years later (15 notes x IQD, 15 notes x IRR)
15. Basket 2, 3, 4 Reserve fund (5 notes x IRR)
16. Top up (If no RV as yet, buy more)

This particular Dinarian is holding quite a variety of currencies, may be you have less or may be you have more.  The important aspect of all this, is this kind of creative thinking and planning will be what is required to keep you from losing your money in the future. I cannot stress how important money  management is.

This Dinarian even allocated 1 envelope (#14) for currency to be exchanged in 5 years time,  meaning that if he runs into any financial difficulties due to Sudden Wealth Syndrome (SWS), he still has back up currency to bail him out.

He also allocated taxes and expenses for 10 years (#13) and (#15) he allocated currencies that can used to buy more currencies for the upcoming baskets.  Wasn't that very clever?

For those who are visually oriented, this kind of creative thinking and exchange planning will be right up your alley and even if you're not you may still be able to benefit from it. 

And very important, once you are done, make sure you put those envelopes in a bank safety deposit box or home safe box, but some place secure.


I hope my article has sparked some creative thinking and opened up new ways to help you plan your exchange.  Remember our ultimate goal is to be in the 30% group of those who will not suffer from SWS.  This requires learning and education and whatever else it takes, let's get it done.

Thank you and I wish you all the success in your currency exchange.

Muhammad Ali

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