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CBI Rate conversion chart.  How will the CBI list the rates of the US Dollar against the Dinar on their website?

By Muhammad Ali

This article, written by myself, was emailed to Dinar Recaps and posted on their site this past June 14th, 2019.

Dear Recaps, I hope this little bit of clarification will shed light on many souls.

I believe, something very, very interesting is happening at the Central Bank of Iraq.

I will give you some history so you understand clearly what is happening.

Btw, so far no Intel gurus have picked up on this, I may be the first.

Many of you will start to remember, back in August 2017, the CBI had a "second" website (, which was linked thru the statistics section of the main website.

What was interesting and important to note back then, was the rate listed on the second website was $1usd = 1.20 dinars.

Then the 2 websites merged and this rate disappeared and was never to be heard of or seen again.

......... Until yesterday. .... Boooom!!!!

Yes, very interesting, that the Central Bank of Iraq has mentioned this $1 USD = 1.20 Dinars rate.

This is the first time since 2017.

And this has me, really excited!!!!

Yesterday, Dinar Recaps made the post and KTFA Millitia Man commented on this as well.

So the question you need to ask; is why are bringing this up again when they hid it since 2017???

I believe the reason why is that the rate is about to change.  God willing.....booooomm!!!!  I love saying that word!!!! Hehehehe.

Now, just as reminder of how the CBI will list the rates.

1.20 Dinars = $1 USD

So remember how it works as the value of dinar decreases against the US Dollar, the value of the US Dollar increases.

So if the value of the Dinar now is 1.20 Dinar to $1 USD, and it drops to 0.50 Dinars to $1 USD.

If means the base rate will be $2 USD per 1 Dinar.  So making an IQD 25,000 note = $50,000 USD.  Got it?  Is it getting clear to you?

So do not get confused with rates that are posted by Intel.  You have to question and ask yourself where did they get that rate from?

Was it direct from the CBI? Or from XE?

XE will list the rate as $2USD = 1 Dinar (IQD), whereas the CBI will list it as $1 USD = 0.50 Dinar.

These are not two different rates; they both mean the same thing.

I added the chart below for your reference.  Save this chart...or print it and keep it handy as when the CBI finally makes the change this is how they will list the rates.

 $ Rate = CBI's website rate conversion.

$ .86 = 1.162
$ 1.00 = 1.000
$1.17 = 0.854
$1.86 = 0.537
$2.00 = 0.500
$2.50 = 0.400
$3.00 = 0.333
$3.22 = 0.310
$3.46 = 0.289
$3.50 = 0.285
$3.86 = 0.259
$4.00 = 0.250
$4.10 = 0.243
$4.40 = 0.227
$5.00 = 0.200

ok, i hope this explanation helps you to get excited and understand the process.


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Muhammad Ali

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