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Thanksgiving, as how it relates to the RV.
By Muhammad Ali

Now, I bet that just by looking at the title, you were thinking of the mouth watering smell of a homemade Thanksgiving dinner with stove top stuffing and cranberry sauce, right?  Well this article is far from that. ;)

However, that does sound very delicious.  Alright! let's get back on track.

Just recently, one of my Dinarian group member passed away.  His name was Hisham, he died of leukemia and his condition deteriorated the past couple of years and he finally could not hold on any longer.  He was a good friend and provided spiritual intel to my group.  Hisham, you will be missed my brother.  I attended the burial and visited with the family and I was reminded by the sense of thanksgiving.  

What I mean by this, is that, we are all holding various currencies with the belief that their values will increase and we will become wealthy.  However, for some, this will not be the case, as God has His own plans.  

For some, their 'Blessings' in this investment was only to hold or touch the currency but never to exchange it.

As in the case of my friend, Hisham, he was holding Dinar, but he will not be able to exchange it.  His wife and children will, but he will not.  I have had many cases in my group, several people that I know moved houses and some how, some where, their currencies got misplaced.  And then, there are those who due to financial stress had no choice but to sell off their currency just to survive.  I have even had one of my group members lose his currency in a house fire.  He, inadvertently, left the iron on and some how that led to part of his house burning down and the part that did catch on fire housed a bookshelf, in which he kept his currency.  The currency went up in smoke as it be.  So whatever the reason might be, all of these people at one point had the currency in their hands, and that was their 'blessing', that was all God intended for them.  

This is something that you should think about and reflect upon.  We do not know what God has in stored for us tomorrow or down the road, maybe we may also become like those whose Dinar left their hands.

So in my article today, I wish to remind myself, and you all to give thanks to God and as we pray daily for the RV, not only pray that it will happen today but pray that you will be among those who will exchange their currencies.

I hope this article has helped you in some way as it was also meant to act as a tribute to my friend Hisham.

God bless us everyone and may we all be part of the exchange process and what comes afterwards. Amen.

Thank you and I wish you all the success in your currency exchange.

Muhammad Ali

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