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My Thoughts on Gold and Silver.

By Muhammad Ali

I have had several people contact me about my opinion on what will happen to Gold and Silver.  So this article, in a way, is a follow up to my previous one, titled "Precious Metals - My Plan B".

First, let me just give you some of my background so you know that I have a bit of experience on this.  I've started trading Forex, since 2000, while I was living in Canada.  My first Forex course was Steven Nisson's candlestick training on VHS.  I still have it and autograph books of his.  I spent a small fortune on training courses and books and from live trading experiences.   I continued trading when I shifted to Malaysia in 2004 and around 2009 I opened my own Forex Company here, taught courses on Forex and trading for people as well as providing online signal services.  I have had my own traders and I did all the management for the company.   I had a 15,000 square foot office in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.   I had clients subscribing to my signal services from over 100 countries.  I had professional services charging $500 US per month for signal services.  I've truly gone thru a lot in Forex, experimented with hundreds of robot software, known as E.A. (Expert Advisors) and trading systems and indicators.   Then I just had enough of it all and stopped, but God had his own plan and brought be back to Forex via the Dinar, so now I just deal with the physical currency, less stressful.

But during my years of intense study of charts, I learned about a man named Tom Williams.   Here's a short YouTube video and Tom's tells you some very important psychological aspects of the markets and people.

Now, just to further tell you who Tom is, he's a syndicate trader or professional trade or the Smart Money.  They all mean the same thing, these are the people who move the markets, who manipulate and control the markets via the media.

I bought all his books, his courses and his software and studied intensely and learned a lot.  One thing I did learn, is the charts lie to you, candlesticks lie to you, the charts do not show the movement of the smart money.  These people must have a Klingon cloaking device because they are invisible to the eyes of the people.  There is ONLY 1 indicator that the smart money cannot hide from, the volume indicator and interestingly enough, 99% of all the traders out there do not use the volume indicator nor understand how it works.  But this is the ONLY indication to know when the Smart Money is beginning to make their move.

I've witnessed first-hand the manipulation of the Smart Money and the manipulation of the brokers as well.  The difference with a person's trading platform as compared to the smart money is you see your trades taking place, whereas they see everyone's trades taking place.  So they have the added advantage over us.

So now, fast forward, 19 years later, that gives you a brief background into my experience, so let's get into today's article.

I am a firm believer in Gold and Silver.  They are and will be the money of the future that is without any doubt.  If you take back anything from my article today, it's that, after the RV, you MUST buy some physical quantities of Gold and Silver.   This is the very reason why I added the precious metals tab in my Currency Exchange Planner, as I believe your exchange plans should or must include gold and silver.

The difficulty with most people today, including myself, we lack the capital to buy any large amounts of these precious metals, but all that will change with the RV.  I have educated my group to invest into these currencies, that we all hold, and after the RV, you'll now have the capital to secure more precious metals.

Between the two metals my preference has always been towards silver and I am sure we will one day see the two metals at par.  Silver is in much more of a shortage than gold and also more of a demand. 

Thru my study of Forex and the smart money what I've come to realize the hard way, the markets are manipulated and it's not a level playing field.

And, thru my study of charts and breakouts and again following the smart money, here's what I believe will happen.

Since 2014, I have said you will not see gold and silver go anywhere until the RV happens.  Until that point, you will see these two metals just bounce in a range, which is what they have been doing for the past 5 years.  Recently you've seen gold starting going up but it's still not going anywhere, it's still controlled.

When the RV happens, you will see both start to shoot up, the fake media will jump on it with their propaganda pushed by the smart money and this is directed to the people to get on the bandwagon and buy gold and silver, to get in while the getting is still good before it shoots thru the roof.  All this is planned, as with what Tom Williams said in the video above.

What I suspect will happen is this will be a false breakout.   If you're studied FX charts and triangles you'll know what I mean about breakouts and false breakouts.  The Smart Money are manipulating the prices making people jump in, making them believe that the gold prices have broken out of the range and now moving up, they'll raise the price a few hundred pips, believe me, they can do it anytime they feel like it.   What I predict will happen, is that after a lot of people join into the buying streak and feeling they are comfortable and happy with their investment, then out of greed, the people will try to find more or borrow more money to invest in gold and silver.  The smart money will know the timing, and then they'll pull the rug right out from under everyone and will drop the price by 50% or more in the span of 1 hour, it'll be a sudden drop and you'll see silver prices and gold prices even lower than what it is today.  It would happen too fast to be able to do anything about it.  That, in essence, is a false breakout.

The fake propaganda media will again get on with telling everyone to get out before metals hit rock bottom.  All these fake news propaganda created by the Smart money.

For those buying physical will be alright, as they own the physical gold or silver bullion some may panic and sell their bullion and some will still hold on to it.

Those trading gold and silver online will be wiped out, by margin calls or stop losses triggered.  These are the people the smart money is targeting.  Millions of people will be wiped out financially.

Once the price is dropping and has dropped the smart money will be there to buy up at dirt cheap prices that people once paid a hefty price for.    As Tom said in the video, this is what they do, when the news says to sell, the smart money are buying.

Now, why do I believe this will happen the way? Well, this scenario has happened over and over and over again with Forex currencies, commodities, stocks and will continue to happen.  I've seen it, I've gone thru it, and it adds an enormous amount of stress to your mind and body.  The smart money is masters at manipulation and they do not give a rat's ass about you.   That's why they say 98% lose their money in Forex and only 2% make money, because they don't understand how the smart money trades and they don't trade with the smart money.   If you trade against the smart money you'll surely lose it all.   All this will just be a game to them, another opportunity to take your money and I believe where there is opportunity for the smart money to do it, they definitely will.

After the false breakout and the precious metals drop, millions were wiped out from their trading positions on gold and silver, the smart money are buying once again and will then move the prices of gold and silver higher and higher and higher.  Remember, I said, this is all but a mere game to them.  They care not if you are wiped out and crushed.  Their egos are so high; they are so full of themselves that they will do it just to show the world that they can.

So what I have told my group, is once the RV happens, we have time to exchange, then we watch the prices of gold and silver climb.  If you want to buy, you can also, but make sure you buy the physical bullion and then just hold on to it.  When the prices drop by 50% or more, that's the time to go all out or all in, depends on your viewpoint and buy what you can but buy according to your plan.

Thing may happen very quickly and very fast after the RV.  That's another reason why it's advantageous for you at this point to know and keep tabs of where to buy gold and silver online and thru retail outlets.  As when the prices drop, some of these dealers may stop selling, until the markets stabilize or may be competing with millions of other buyers so you need to act quickly.  Technically, these dealers paid a higher price for their stock, so if the price drops 50%, it's only logical that they will be inclined to stop all sales, as they would be losing money themselves by selling the metals at low prices.  So you need to keep what I just said in mind.  If gold and silver drops by 50% in 1 hour, for sure the dealers will put a hold on selling.  That's why settling some debts and things after RV, should be a second priority, monitoring other opportunities as getting in on Gold and Silver as they begin their decline to lower prices should be your first priority.  This is why it's so very, very, very important to plan and have a plan.  In my exchange planner software, in my gold and silver tab, you can enter your places where to buy the precious metals.  So it's all part of your planning.

Now, I am going to share with you something that I plan to do to cover myself.  So I said, I expect gold and silver to drop by 50%, right?  Then I said, at these low prices dealers will stop selling, right?  So then, that means there's no opportunity, right? WRONG. 

This is what I plan to do at the bottom out of the prices.  If I cannot get physical, I will buy gold and silver online.  You may not be able to buy the physical but you can buy it virtual or digital.  Now that I've enter the markets at bargain basement prices, I will wait and ride the wave back up to the $5000 or $50,000 an ounce price to whatever it may go to.  As it's going up to higher levels, I will sell off some of the trades and use that money to buy the physical.   So if I cannot buy the physical metals at the low prices, I most certainly can buy online via trading and then at a later date in the future, sell off and convert to physical, where there is a will, there is a way.

So there you go, this is what I expect will happen.  Whether it happens this way or not, only time will tell, but the important aspect is please include gold and silver as part of your planning as part of your Plan B.  If you believe Gold and Silver will happen  to rise some other way then that's fine but go back and please read the title of this article.

Thank you and I wish you all the success in your currency exchange.

Muhammad Ali
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