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The Dinar Rate Planning.

By Muhammad Ali


I was online chatting with my good friend and CEP customer Jerry, actually, he and I were chatting about golf, and the topic of Dinar rates came up and I was telling him about different plans and strategies to capitalize on the higher rates, then he asked me to tell him more.


The following advice I shared with my group here in Malaysia years ago.


Many believe the Dinar will come out at $1 USD to 1 Dinar, I don't and I wrote an article about that and gave proof as to why it won't.  I am convinced the Dinar will come out somewhere around $3.89 - $4.19 USD per Dinar, and that's the starting point.


I believe once the Dinar hits the open markets, it'll then get into the hands of the Smart Money and they are going to make a field day of it.  From the initial $4 rate, I can see the Dinar go as high as $32.  Now wouldn't that be awesome.


I remember, many years ago, I think it was 2010, in 1 week in December, the Euro against the US Dollar rose  in price about 2,000 pips.  That was a crazy move and not often do you see huge movements like that in a short time frame, but it happens.  Key point here to think about, it can be done.


The movement on the Dinar that I am talking about is even greater than what I experience with the Euro.  I read posts on Dinar Recaps that when the Kuwaiti Dinar RI'd, it went from 0.10 to $3.50 and then up to $19.  So why can't the same thing happen to Iraq?  And I believe it will. 


So to prepare for it, let me give you a couple of suggestions and strategies that can help us get some extra money from the movement.


When the Dinar goes international at its initial rate of $4 exchange what you need, to start your Team, to settle any immediate debts/issues and then wait and monitor the rate.  You can check the rates online or download various apps to your phone, such as Xe or any other.


How soon it will rise, is the next million dollar question, next to the WHEN IS RV?


I can't say, but I do believe it will be about 2 weeks after the get go to within the first month, and then the next question once it starts to move, how fast will it take to go up and peak?  That's another impossible question to answer.  You just have to be patient and wait for it.


So I have advised my group on a couple of strategies that we can benefit from the movement and I will share them you all now.


The first method would be to exchange as the Dinar climbs.  In my currency exchange planner software, I designed it with 4 exchange options in mind.   Trying to capitalize on higher rates is the very reason why I added this into my planner.


So it means you've got 4 target rates in mind, you can have more if you like, but for now we'll work with 4.


Let's say you have a total of 10 x 25k IQD notes.  If you were to exchange all ten notes @ $4, your exchange amount would be $1,000,000.


Let's see what happens if we were to go for the higher rates, so in your first exchange, you want to exchange 1-2 notes, we'll just say 2 notes for now, that would give us $200,000. 


The second exchange we want to change 2 more notes @$8, then 2 more @$10 and 4 @$15. 


So let's list this down before it gets confusing:


First Exchange 2 notes x $4 = $200,000

Second Exchange 2 notes x $8 = $400,000

Third Exchange 2 notes x $10 = $500,000

Forth Exchange 4 notes x $15 = $1,500,000


So if that's your plan, stick to it.  Now, let's see how you fared, a total of $2,600,000.  That's a big difference from the initial $1,000,000 if you had exchanged all of your notes at the get go.


So trying to make money as the rates climb higher is one strategy, I will now share another.


On your first exchange, do the same, change 1 or 2 notes as you require, and for the remaining 8 notes you wait.


Let the smart money go crazy with the Dinar and put it as high as they want to.  So you see it go to $10...  Then $20...WOW!... now you're heart is racing... should I go to the bank or not?  This is where the greed factor kicks in.


Just relax and wait.  Now it goes to $30... OMG!!!   Now, this is where  you pay very close attention to your phone app and check the rates frequently, may be even camp out outside of the bank. No, No, don't do that!


But what you want to start to look forward occurs when the rate starts to drop, as we know the rate will peak and then come back down to $4.  So from the $30 rate that you saw, maybe it'll even push higher, I don't know?  But when the rate starts to go down, $29, $27, $26, $25 etc... Then just go ahead and exchange ALL of your remaining notes.


So how would that work out?  8 notes x $25 = $5,000,000, wow, wouldn't that be awesome if we nailed that rate! 


So either your plan is to make money going up or make money when it comes down, the choice is yours.  Everyone will have different targets based upon the amount of currency they hold.


But always rest assured that the rate will eventually stabilize at the $4 area, it'll never go back to 0.0008.  So don't panic and don't camp outside of the banks as you're just looking for trouble.


And one other piece of advice don't get greedy, if your plan is to exchange all of your notes at $10 and that target hits, just follow thru on your plan and go to the bank.  Then delete the Xe app and never check the rate again.  Be happy, travel, help others and keep moving forward.


Just have a plan and execute your plan accordingly, my Currency Exchange Planner is the best tool available for all Dinarians to help effectively plan their exchange.


Thank you and I wish you all the success in your currency exchange.


Muhammad Ali

The No. 1 Planning Tool for the Dinar community.

Available in Desktop PC/MAC and Mobile App (Android & IOS) versions

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