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Tales from the Crypto: A Dinarian 101

By Muhammad Ali

Several years ago, if you asked me to get into crypto, I would have just nodded my head and walked away and never thought anything more of it.  I have always been a Gold and Silver guy and had little to no faith on anything that I could not hold in my hand.  Well except for faith in God.   However, surprisingly, in the past week, I have setup several ewallets and have Bitcoin, XRP, Theta and TFuel in my wallets; I am also mining Tfuel on my computer 24/7.  This is a first for me so what changed my mind?  Well, one guy, Mike aka The Dinarian.  He's been sharing a lot lately on the connection of Central Banks Digital Currencies (CBDC) and its connection to the GCR. Practically every central bank in the world is moving towards a crypto backed by gold currency, providing more evidence towards our GCR.


In my last article on 'Family Planning' I talked about making donations anonymously and finding creative ways to make donations and pay to family members out of the scope of the Tax systems.  It seems that many charitable institutions are accepting crypto payments nowadays and some of the wealthy are using crypto to evade paying their income taxes.  For example, John Mcafee of the famed Mcafee Anti-virus software has said, “my Crypto goals drive the IRS mad. Privacy coins will obsolete income taxes.”  After claiming in January that he hasn’t filed taxes for eight years, the fugitive tweeted this from his yacht hideout.


Now blockchain, which first emerged as a concept in 2008, is now offering ordinary people the same possibilities. Using cryptocurrency, and with a little technical know-how one can open what is effectively the equivalent of an offshore bank account.


But before we assume that we can rid out lives of the IRS and taxes, according to the IRS, both crypto-to-crypto transactions and crypto-to-cash transactions are taxable events — an unwelcome expense for many traders and investors. Not only are long-term holders subject to the same tax rules that govern property, like furniture or collectible coins, but short-term traders must pay tax each time that a virtual asset is swapped for another.  Here's a link to a website that provides a tax guide on crypto currencies and how to calculate the Capital Gains Tax.


Anyway this article is not about tax avoidance or tax evasion, but just showing how ordinary people can get involved in crypto-currency as another form of investing.


Warning getting involved with crypto currencies is not for the faint of heart!

If you lack IT skills and knowledge of markets; buying and selling and have little patience of transactions that can take several minutes to an hour or more then you'd better think twice about getting involved.  But if you're willing to try, I will give you some advice on how to get started.


For those who are looking for an easy way out, there are new ATM machines popping up around the USA and in some countries of the world, where you can deposit your money into the machine and buy crypto very easily.  For example here's a Bitcoin machine in the Philippines.


So using one of the Crypto ATM's would be the best way to get right into it.  For those, who are little more techno savvy, there are several leading Crypto Exchanges that you can register with.  Here's are a few.  Coinbase,, and Binance. right now has a promotion that when you sign up you can get $50 worth in their MCO crypto currency. 


Once you register with an Exchange, you'll need to complete their registration process by confirming your identity; this would be by sending pictures of your documents such as Passport, driver's licence, a utility bill and including a selfie of yourself.  This process in itself could be a little overwhelming because everything has to perfect and crystal clear or else they will reject your application.  I myself got very frustrated with one broker recently, because they wanted me to hold up my Malaysia utility bill which has a very small size 7 point font, while doing a selfie, and expect all the information on the utility bill to be clear and legible.  I tried about 7 times and 7 times they rejected my picture.  And after spending 2 hours, I emailed them expressing my frustration and told them, what they are asking is impossible, their reply was, 'well that's our policy'.  So I registered with another company.


So just be aware that just the registration process can have its ups and downs.  Now if you are successful and get past the KYC (Know Your Customer) stage and have your account activated then you're ready to buy crypto.


My suggestion is to go with because they have a variety of currencies that you can choose from.  They can also provide you a credit card for withdrawals via ATM machines, so that's pretty neat.  And they have the $50 promotion right now.


Try for yourself and get $50 worth of MCO for free when you sign-up and then stake 50 MCO in your wallet after using this link:


From when I signed up, my free $50 USD in MCO has already increased by $5.64 USD.  That’s really cool!!!

crypto.jpeg is a Mobile App software that you'll have install and run on your phone.


Now the other thing that is very interesting with is that you can earn up to 18% p.a. on your crypto assets.  Now that's much, much better than a fixed deposit account.  You'll have to read the fine print, once you installed the app but think about after RV, you can transfer $100,000 or $1,000,000 to your account and earn 18%.  Can you now see why I started getting involved in crypto?  You can also add this into the Investment section of your Currency Exchange Planner as another viable investment option.


OK so now that you have your account setup, the next step would be deciding which crypto currency to invest in.  There are probably over 2,000 different coins available so which ones are good to get into.  Bitcoin has always been popular, but at the moment it is around $10,000 USD for 1 coin.  WOW.


So I will give you a few coin suggestions, sometimes referred to as tokens, that are still very, very low priced that you can consider,  it's not in any particular order but here are several to check in to.


XRP (Ripple), Enjin (ENJ), Chainlink (LINK), Theta (Theta), Huobi Token (HT), and has two coins, Monaco (MCO) and (CRO)


This list has been approved by my good friend The Dinarian.  Mike's really on top of the Crypto side of things and he recommends these as well.


Buying any of these or all these may be a pretty good place to start and you don't need to break the bank in doing so.  If you go thru the link above, you automatically get $50 in MCO, so that's a starting point.  Then once you fund your account, you can buy XRP, CRO, Theta and some of the others, it's all your choice.


The next thing is how to fund your account.  You have several options and two most common would be by credit card or bank transfer. 


Now, once your account is funded you select which crypto currency you want to buy.  Usually they would be paired, so what that means, you'll see something like this.  XRP/BTC (XRP Ripple with Bitcoin)


This does not mean you are buying bitcoin but it's just a pairing system on how they calculate the price, similar to Forex such as IQD/USD or IRR/USD, etc.


Now the next thing to be aware is that once you selected which crypto currency you want to buy, it may take time for it to appear in your wallet.  I know this, because when I bought Bitcoin for the first time, I transferred the money to the broker and the coin value did not appear in my wallet.  I started to panic, was I just cheated?  I even emailed the company and they said, relax it takes some time to appear, and sure enough it finally appeared and I was flabbergasted.  I couldn't believe it, I owned Bitcoin.  Now, I am holding, XRP, BTC, Theta, Theta fuel, Monaco (MCO), next I am looking to add on some CRO and Chainlink.


It's actually becoming very fun! 


The nice thing with crypto it is just like currencies, you can buy and you can sell.  So if you bought Theta, for example, and it's not moving, you can sell it to buy Monaco (MCO), for example.  So just like buying and selling currencies there are different rates, it's same with crypto with fees.  So you may lose or gain a little bit depending on what you’re doing, but the point is, you are not locked in, it's completely flexible.


So here are your steps again, in case you got lost a bit from the above.


1. Go to and sign up.

2. Complete the Identification profile section.

3. Fund your account.  For the beginning, I do not recommend you fund your account with a huge amount, go with small amounts like $10 to $20 just to make sure all goes well.  Later on, you can add more if you like.

4. Choose which Crypto you would like to buy. 

5. Wait for it to appear in your wallet.


Then once you've bought your crypto currencies, you can enter them in to the Precious Metals and Crypto Currency section of your Currency Exchange Planner v8.0 along with your projected purchases after RV.   Remember, right now, you’re getting your crypto accounts ready for when the BIG BUCKS start to roll in.  With my new CEP Companion Edition (coming out soon) you'll be able to track your net worth and your crypto currencies will be part of your net worth.


One last point I would like to leave you with, getting involved in crypto currencies is not an overnight winfall, meaning that it will take time for the coins to increase in value.  The above methods that I have taught you are buying the actual genuine coins.  So if anyone promises you opportunities where you can get involved with crypto coins and an instant promised profit, then be very weary as more than likely it is a scam Ponzi scheme program designed to take your money.  There have been over 500 Bitcoin Ponzi schemes in the past few years and I could only imagine how much money people have lost.


So get involved with crypto currencies the right and genuine way and you will be fine.


So I hope this Dinarian 101 has been educational and I highly recommend subscribing to The Dinarian YouTube Channel to keep up to date on the latest Central Banks Digital Currency updates as it’s all connected to our RV/GCR.


Wow! I can’t believe that this is my 30th article.  Please visit my website and take a look at my other articles written to motivate our Dinar community and please check out my Currency Exchange Planner.   AND, I also accept payments in Crypto :)

Thank you and I wish you all the success in your currency exchange.


Muhammad Ali

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