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Digital: To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before.

This is an eye opening video and I highly recommend everyone to watch it.


Jeff Brown of the Brown Stone Research company shows how the world is moving to a digital society.  We are being brainwashed to stop using cash and use digital. 


Now what are the dangers of this? 


Cash is something you can touch, hold in your hands, see it, feel it even display emotions over it.  This extends to precious metals too, such as gold and silver, and diamonds etc.


By using digital, you remove the sensory perception and the emotional attachment.  You become emotionless in a way.


This is their agenda.  This is what they want you to change into, someone who has no attachment to the physical world.  It kind of reminds me of the movie, Ready Player One, where people were leaving the attachment of the physical world and living their lives in a Virtual Reality World.  This is the Great Reset.  So maybe RPO wasn't just a movie after all but a forecast of the future.


Jeff Brown does a great job in providing a lot of evidence to this fact.  And one thing for sure, if you think there is not going to be a Great Reset or a Global Currency Reset, then you are completely blind! The evidence to the fact is all around us.  Just open your eyes and see!


One issue with this video that makes my stomach uneasy, is he makes the statement that he sold all of his gold and put it in to crypto currency, primarily Bitcoin.  For me, I would never sell my gold and silver to move into the digital world.  Maybe I am old school thinking but I still believe in the sensory perception and emotional attachment model.


This is the thing that bothers me about this video.  Why is he warning you about the dangers of digital and then suggesting you to put your money into digital in the form of crypto currency?


I am not putting down crypto currencies or the potential to make money from it but I am suggesting to you that you have a balance.  A balance of physical and digital.  A Yin Yang relationship.  If one fails, you have the other.  However, Gold and Silver has always been proven to be a successor since the beginning of time.  It has never failed and believe me, it never will.


If the people behind the Great Reset are pushing the agenda of going digital then maybe you should consider going the opposite direction. 


Are we being squeezed or forced into digital by companies prohibiting the use of cash?

Do we really need to keep all of our money in digital? 


We could have some 'physical cash' as security for a just in case scenario.  However, I personally, wouldn't give trust in fiat currency aka cash either.  I would give my trust in gold and silver, but that's just me.


Remember the old adage.  Don't put all of your eggs in one basket.  Even good old Warren Buffet reminds us about that.

warren buffet.jfif

All that I can advise you at this point, is be smart.  Be 5 steps ahead in the chess game between you and those who want to control you.  Have a plan and have an exit plan in mind and train your children to think the same.  This is the only way you can move forward as a free thinker.  They are trying to control every aspect of your life including the way you think.  Do not fall for it.  Understand the game before the game is over and the rug has been pulled out from under your feet.  By that time, it may really be "Game Over".


Just some common sense and logical advice that I wanted to share with you.  Whether you agree to disagree is all up to you. 


At the end of the video, Jeff Brown wants you to sign up for his services.  I am neither endorsing nor denying you to sign up for what he has to offer.  That's by your choice.  My intention with this article is to open your minds to the dangers of the Great Reset and don't get caught up into the digital agenda.  Click on the picture below to view Jeff Brown's video.

All the best with your planning, and please use my software, the Currency Exchange Planner and the Companion Edition to best help you in your currency planning.

Muhammad Ali

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