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By Muhammad Ali (Yep, the same guy who created the Currency Exchange Planner for Dinarians)

Of course, when you think Med Bed, the first thing that pops into your mind is something like this:

Med Bed.webp

You know, you've seen in the movies and that we've been told are coming soon.  Remarkable, healing chambers that can heal our bodies in several hours with Star Trek Tricorders too, really cool healing devices that can repair your damaged cells and bring your body back to the state of well-being.

Gadgets are great, but honestly, gadgets are things that got us into this mess in the first place.  

Now I am going to tell you the BEST kept secret, covered up by the Medical Establishment and the Mobile Phone industry.   A secret behind why more and more people are getting sick.  Interested to know this secret and to know why people are developing chronic sickness?  Please read on.

Now, if I was the conspiracy theorist type person, I would say there was some hanky-panky involved between the two industries.  Maybe they’re in "med bed" together...LOL...OK I know bad joke.  Alright, I will be serious.

Sickness first started to spike, when radar towers were first introduced in 1935. 

Don't believe me?  Check out these timelines and see how more health agencies and departments related to Cancer and Heart sicknesses started popping up after the 1940s.

Speaking of radiation, let me just clear something here.  What you need to understand is even the Earth and minerals give off radiation, however you don’t see someone’s hair fall out from connecting to the Earth. Right? That’s the difference.

So the BIG SECRET that the Medical and Mobile Phone Industries have been keeping from us is Man-Made Radiation, this is the great danger to our bodies and our health.  Now, before I go further, I just want to show you this document from the World Health Organization dated May 31st, 2011. 



Of course, they throw in the word "POSSIBLY", but they know that RF and EMF fields is damaging to our bodies. 

And below is from another document:

study 1.jpg

“after >10 years of phone latency.”  Cell phones have been around since the mid 1990’s.  So we are more than passing the 10 years point.  And the above document was based on older cell phone technology/radiation levels.  What about with 4G?  What about with 5G?  Do you think it will take more than 10 years to develop cancer with 5G?  Well with the influx of cancer patients, looks like 4G is the cause of that, and what we’ll see is an influx of younger generations with cancer as a result of 5G.

"We conclude that current standard for exposure to microwaves during mobile phone use is NOT safe for long-term exposure and needs to be revised."

“Needs to be revised”???  That is an understatement.  Again, if I was the conspiracy theorist type person, I would question, that the letter from the WHO was dated 2011, which was the time they brought in 4G technology and towers.  If they already knew radiation was harming our bodies, why in Heaven’s name bring in 5G?  And if you haven’t heard already, 6G is set to be introduced in 2030.  Do they purposely want to hurt us and make us continuously sick?

Now do you see why, our fellow brothers and sisters are out there protesting against 5G?  They also realized that man-made radiation is the root cause of our chronic sickness.

As a matter of fact, look at what's happening to the extinction of bees, butterflies and birds, since 2010.  Again, if you put on your investigative hat, I am quite sure, this all started after the 1940's.  And what about all the Veterinarian clinics popping up?  You didn’t realize it?  Well just look more closely and you’ll see animal sickness is on the rise too.


So we can conclude the real root cause of sickness is man-made radiation.  However, what do the controlled opposition agents do?  They send you chasing illusions.  For example, chem-trails, toxins and parasites in the water and in our foods, and Climate Control, just to name a few.

Now, don’t get me wrong, these are all things that are causing people to get sick, well except for the last one.  BUT, these are not the cause.  Our bodies were created to expel toxins and parasites and foreign substances.  This is what the body does.  So then why doesn’t the body do it now?  Why are more and more people still getting sick?

The simple explanation is that our body’s healing system has been compromised by the same gadgets that we hold so dearly.

Now to understand how this is being done, you need to understand how the body works.

We are electrical beings; electricity flows through us, without getting to complex, let me make this very simple.  Our state of being should be negative. 


What does radiation do to the body?  It turns our body from a healing state (negative) to a state of non-healing (positive).  So this is why people get sick from water and food toxins, parasites, and chem-trails, because the healing ability of the body is turned off by the Radiation.

SOLUTION:  TURN OFF the Radiation, then your body goes to the healing state as it was designed to remove toxins and parasites automatically, I am sure everyone agrees with that.  And when your body is running at the right voltage it won't develop chronic sickness.

Unfortunately, we cannot TURN OFF the man-made radiation, because it is everywhere, so the most we can do is put efforts towards reducing its effect on our body as much as possible.  And this can be done through grounding and shielding.  This will allow our bodies to return back to “balance” meaning return back to its negative healing state.

So if you reduce the excessive positive voltage in the body, then you manage the 2 functions of the body; Consumption and EliminationConsumption by eating ONLY ELECTRON DONOR foods/water, and Elimination by make sure your Lymphatic System is flowing as it should, your body can bring itself back to the required voltage of -25mv for healing to occur.

You have to cap it at the root cause; The Man-Made Radiation.  So if you are not grounding or Earthing, then you really need to be!

And I am sure everyone can agree, parasites, toxins, chronic sicknesses cannot stay in a TRUE healthy body state.  This is the basics of a healthy the body.   Speaking of a healthy body, if you continue reading to the end, I will share a special supplement with you, this little nugget was discovered 200 years ago, and is widely used and accepted in the Medical Industry, it is very inexpensive, easily available everywhere and it’s extracted from trees.  Yeah!  All trees contain this substance and it can cure virtually every disease known to man and even those not known.  So I will share this with you as a gift.  Let’s continue reading about negative charges.

The Earth is a gigantic negative ball, hence when we sit on the ground it changes the positive state (sickness) of our bodies to a negative state (healing).  That’s why you feel good going outside, going to the beach, or walking through a forest.  But the moment you put on your shoes and enter your cars and go home or go to the mall, your body, again, is being bombarded by frequencies. 


The radiation is everywhere.  As I said, we cannot stop it, but we can implement methods to reduce it.  We cannot sit on the grass 24/7, so the next best thing is bring the ground into our homes.  And I don’t mean by throwing dirt everywhere in your home, but, by grounding our beds, living room, dining room, kitchen, cars, shoes, you know, even our pet’s health is being jeopardize.


Our Health is being attacked.  We are at WAR!  You either have a plan and fight back to win, or you will lose the war.


So grounding is the first step. 


The second step is balancing your consumption, eating right and understanding how to check your foods whether they will donate electrons to your body or steal electrons from your body.  Today we are being bombarded with too many electron stealing foods and water.  These foods and water turn our bodies from negative to positive.  So we need to control this and change the balance back to good wholesome foods.  Today, sometimes you think you’re buying wholesome organic foods but are they really? I can teach you very simple ways to test.

The third step is your elimination waste system.  You could be grounding, eating well, but still sick, why is that?  Because your lymphatic system is clogged up, so let me paint a clear picture for you.  As you change your diet/nutrition to eat well and utilizing grounding/Earthing methods, your body wants to remove the wastes (toxins, parasites etc) inside of it.  However, it cannot because your waste disposal system is clogged up, these wastes start to turn acidic, and presto you’re back to being sick again.  Ever had your kitchen waste disposal unit or your sink clogged up?  What happens when you try to push more food down the drain, it goes nowhere.  And if you left the water running the sink backs up and you’ve got a great big mess on your hands.  So the body is the same.  The waste disposal system should have more priority and education towards its understanding.  The two main fluids in the body are the blood and lymphatic fluid.  Blood is one-quarter (1/4) and the lymphatic fluid is three-quarters (3/4).  So why do hospitals make a big emphasis on testing your blood (1/4 system) and why are they is such a rush to remove your tonsils, appendix and lymph nodes?  When these are all essential functions of the body’s lymph system: Food for thought.


Healing requires balancing your body, your mind, your heart and your spirit and soul and bringing them all together.  Just like balancing the tires in your car.  When your tires are not balanced it affects the performance of the car and causes wear and tear to occur faster.

The hospital aims at treating the body only, the others are ignored.  What do you think the result will be with these Sci-Fi Med Beds that we’re waiting for?  Will they heal your heart?  Will they heal your mind and what about your soul?  More food for thought!

Is a quick fix the solution?  It will help, don’t get me wrong, but the real solution is knowledge and understanding how the body actually heals.  Knowledge is the long term solution to health.

So, I spent years studying various healing methodologies that have been in existence, some for decades, some for hundreds of years and some for thousands of years and as a result, I have developed my own DIY MED BED and the wonderful thing is healing does not have to be expensive.  Using simple devices and methods, you can restore balance to your body.  You can convert your own bed into a Med Bed.


The important aspect to healing is your understanding and approach.  When you have TRUE knowledge of sickness, you have no fear.  My objective, is not just teach you to build your own Med Bed, but give you the knowledge that you will NOT fear sicknesses and diseases. 

We have been brainwashed to fear sickness, but we do not need to fear it.

If you want to pursuit this knowledge further, I have put together various courses that are available on my website. 

In my Beyond Healing Trilogy.  I teach you how to use pressure points to relieve anxiety and stress and other pains.  This course is called Beyond Healing with Kyusho Jutsu.  Kyusho Jutsu is Japanese for Pressure Points. 


This course is absolutely FREE.  You can go to my website and download it and if you’re suffering from anxiety or stress, these techniques will help you.

Grounding, Earthing and Sunning.jpg

The second course is called Beyond Healing with Grounding, Earthing and Sunning and I teach you how to ground your home and all the rooms.  If you have checked some of the Earthing Mats found on various websites, they can get expensive. 


However, I will teach you simple methods that are inexpensive and on top of that, I will tell you where you can get Earthing Mats for up to 30% discount.  I recently bought some mats for 27% discount.

The third course and final course in this Trilogy, is called Beyond Healing with DIY MED BED and in this course, I will teach you how to restore balance back to your body, your mind, your heart and your soul and spirit.  I will tell you how to build your own (Do It Yourself) Med Bed in the comfort of your own home that anyone can utilize, using simple components that can be ordered online.   A basic Med Bed can be built from $500.  I will teach you a holistic approach to healing yourself, in which you understand what you’re doing.  I will teach you how to devise your own healing plans.  What I found is that, when someone is sick, they will ask this person for advice, and that person for advice, and their friends neighbor for advice, and then start mixing natural remedies and hospital medications.  They are like a chicken with its head cut off and in the end, they end up not knowing where to start or what to do.  They end up confusing themselves.  The problem with these kinds of people is they look for answers from others, instead of learning and letting themselves be the answers.  So in short, the purpose of this course is to help you assess your chronic sickness and devise a healing plan to recovery.

Beyond Healing with DIY MED BED.jpg

So if you’re looking for that Futuristic designed Med Bed you’re welcome to wait for it OR if you want to start taking control of your health now, then please feel free to take a closer look at my courses.


As Promised:

And I did not forget that miracle supplement.  It is called DMSO, Dimethyl sulfoxide.  You can do a search for it and order it and start using it.  Here is a video that explains more of its amazing benefits and it is safe for animals too.


DMSO is one of the supplements that I recommend using in my DIY MED BED Manual, there are a few others, that are even better.

Make sure you order 99.9% Pharma grade quality of DMSO

To learn more about my Beyond Healing Trilogy Series including my DIY MED BED.  Please visit my website 

Thank You So Much again for your support and your trust and I pray to God Almighty that you have a successful healing journey.


Thank You So Much

Master Ali


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