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What is your lifestyle after the RV?


By Muhammad Ali


I have been getting many questions about investing after RV and creating a steady stream of income so that you can have a work free lifestyle.


So I made this post for you all to think wisely and have the opportunity to top up your currency as required before the RV.


After the RV, the perfect scenario is: we do not want to work.  We want to have our money work for us.


So we need to invest our money into places that will not run away with our money nor be shut down by corrupt/greedy CEO.  No more money games!!!!


So the best and safest avenue will be thru the banks.


Just last week, I met with the manager of BIMB investments a subsidiary of a local bank in Malaysia, we met at my house.  We had a 3 hour discussion of the BIMB investment program; this was our second meeting actually.


And I really like their programs and their results.  This program is open to Singaporeans and foreigners from any country.


Their present returns have been around 11% per annum.  This is very good.


So I want you to think carefully about this and ask yourselves this question.


How much do I need to lock-in, in order to generate a monthly/yearly income that I can live off of comfortably?


So for everyone, that answer will be different.  Some will want to live like a King while others a few thousand a month will contend you.


Ok let's put some numbers down on paper then you can see.


Let's say, for example, we want to live a millionaire’s lifestyle, this means we need at least $1,000,000 per year to live on.    We can pay all of our expenses, we can travel anywhere we want, we can buy anything we want and we can live very comfortably. (Large house, which includes maid, gardener, personal driver etc.)


So how much do we need to invest with the bank to generate $1 million per year?


So let's say we can get 10% return, we will need $10,000,000 invested.


Now what this means is:


We will actually need more than $10 million from our currency exchange after the RV.


$6,000,000 to open a private bank account

$3,000,000 to buy a new 10 bedroom house with renovations, new car and clothes.

$1,000,000 to pay off all current debts and pay to our charities.

 (These amounts may be overestimated - depends on each person's debt capacity)


And then $10,000,000 for investing.


So that means we would need at least $20,000,000 after RV.


Now, no bank can guarantee a yearly return of 10% it would all depend on the markets.  So you may need to have multiple investment accounts with various banks to generate your 10% per year.


So for example, let's say you had a principal amount of;


$10,000,000 invested at BIMB giving you a yearly average of 5%

$10,000,000 invested at HSBC giving you a yearly average of 5%


If the banks made more money for you, then bonus!


Total is 10% giving you, your $1,000,000 per year profit to live off this money, roughly about $83,000 per month.


So this also means you never touch your principal and you have money flowing in every month.


And if you think you'll need more than $1,000,000 a year, then you'll need to invest higher amounts.


If you want to live a simpler lifestyle, then you will invest smaller amounts.


What is important to note, is that this kind of investing will give you a work free lifestyle.


Is it making sense?


Another option is this can also be done by investing in a business or restaurant.  But remember when you operate a business, you need to monitor it, you will have expenses, overhead, employees, a lot of the head aces that comes with running a business.


So if that is what you want then by all means you can work towards it.  Work is the keyword.  You will not have a work free lifestyle.


Ideally if you want that kind of working lifestyle and if you have enough currency after RV, then you may want to consider doing both, investing with the banks and to open a business.


This way if the business is down, you still have money coming in from your banking investments.




If money is always flowing out and you have no money flowing in, then sooner or later the money will finish and then you will find yourselves with no money and you’re out looking for a job.


So it's very important you plan from now and have good money management.


The above examples that I made are based on 1 particular lifestyle, you can adjust the lifestyle as you require and therefore adjust the investing amounts.  It's all up to you.


I know exactly what I want and I have bought enough currency for the lifestyle that I choose.


By now, you all know the estimated rates for IQD, Rial and Zim.  Calculate how much your estimated net worth will be.


Use my currency exchange planner spread sheet and it will help you calculate your Net Worth very easily.


Once you see the numbers then you will know whether you have enough currency to maintain that lifestyle.


And if you don't have enough currency then find money and top up while you still can.


You will never have this opportunity again, for some of you, you have been buying currency. 


For some of you, you are holding 4 or 5 notes. 


Think wisely and make sure you have enough currency to create a work free lifestyle.


My Currency Exchange Planner has an Investment tab that you can enter in 3 investment risk types.  High Risk, Medium Risk and Low/No Risk investments.  You can put in estimated amounts and percentages and see how much income you can generate per year and per month.  This is the first step to your planning a steady income stream.


Once you know your lifestyle then you know what amount of income that you need to generate every month.


Now, regardless of your lifestyle, we want to try and target 10% profit per annum (year) from your investments.


Maybe you'll be lucky and get higher than this, like 15%-20%.  Consider this a bonus or maybe you'll even get lower than 10%. 


But 10% per annum is our target.  Now we have think, how will we achieve this?


Some investments will lose money and some will do better than others.  This is where you need an investment plan B.


So just this line alone tells you not to put all your eggs (investments) into one basket (one bank).


You need to diversity.


Here is my personal investment strategy after RV.  I hope you pay close attention.


I will put my money in several avenues to give me several types of yield.


1. High risk investments

2. Medium risk investments

3. No risk investments

4. Agriculture


For now, I will exclude number 4. 


For example, let's say $10,000,000 is my investment allocated amount.               


My target is 10% per year so this gives me $1,000,000 per year divide by 12 months = $83,000 per month to cover my expenses.


So now going back to 1, 2 and 3.


You need to determine how to classify the investment as high risk, medium risk and no risk.  Now, how much of the $10 million i will divide into no. 1, no. 2 and no. 3? This question requires a lot of careful thought.


If you can afford to invest $10 million it means you have at least another $10 million in your bank account so you should also consider compounding the profits over 4 to 5 years before taking any profits.  Let the money grow first, then starting the 6th year, start taking out your monthly profits. 


For the first 1-5 years, control your spending and money out flow as you won't have money flowing in right away so you need to control the spending.


There are many articles available on compounding just do a search in Google and you’ll quickly be able to see the power of compounding.


So i hope my article helps you to plan your investments.


I am the creator of the currency exchange planner, an excel spread sheet, which is the most advanced and affordable planning tool for the dinar community.

Muhammad Ali

The No. 1 Planning Tool for the Dinar community.

Available in Desktop PC/MAC and Mobile App (Android & IOS) versions

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