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How much currency is enough?


By Muhammad Ali


I met with a husband and wife and they had bought 10 notes of Iraqi Dinar.


The wife asked me, "Mr. Ali, is this enough? "


So I replied, "What do you mean by enough?  Enough for what?"


She said, "For our future."


My reply was this.  There are 3 groups of people in this investment.


1. Those who buy a few notes of currency, enough that will be able to settle their debts, but they will still need to work after the RV.

2. Those who buy more currency, enough to settle all of their debts and have enough to retire for their lifetime so they won't need to go back to work.

3. Those who buy a lot of currency, enough to settle all of their debts and retire and be able to plan for their next generations.


So I said, "You need to think carefully and decide which group number you want to be."


With rising costs in Malaysia, new terrace homes range from RM400k-600k and semi-d houses are selling for RM1 million.


I was in Putrajaya and saw some bungalows next to the water selling for RM3 million.


Even in Singapore, housing prices are skyrocketing and now they cannot even buy HDB flats anymore using their CPF retirement funds.


So the questions you need to ask are, after the RV, what do I plan do? 


Stay in my present house?

Buy a new house?

Do I want to continue working?

Do I want full lifetime retirement?

Do I want to help my future generation(s)?


So once you have answered these questions, check the amount of notes you have and do your calculations.  I have already stated many, many times what the expected rates will be.


My Currency Exchange Planner is an awesome tool to help with your planning.  Enter in your currency and the estimated rates and see your net worth instantly.


I have stated many, many times that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


However, for most or all of you, the first thing you will regret after the RV, is that you did not buy more but by that time, it will be too late.


Also, I advise all of you to check your currency.  Make sure it has not been misplaced or lost.

I have had several people within my group misplace their currencies during a house move or just forgetfulness.


I hope my article has been of some interest to you.


I am the creator of the Currency Exchange Planner, an excel spread sheet, which is the most advanced and affordable planning tool for the Dinar Community.


Muhammad Ali

The No. 1 Planning Tool for the Dinar community.

Available in Desktop PC/MAC and Mobile App (Android & IOS) versions

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