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Beyond Healing with
Kyusho Jutsu

Enjoy this FREE Healing Course to learn how you can connect with your body and to others by the way of pressure points.

This course aims to relieve anxiety and stress caused from lock downs using simple methods and pressure points.

2 Hours of Video training.  Includes a 38 page Study Guide Book and Body Meridian Chart Guide.


Beyond Healing with Kyusho Jutsu is a very important FREE course to help you can the quality of your life! This courses is created and offered free of change from Master Muhammad Ali our Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance directory in Malaysia. 


A Message from Master Ali


Hi, I am Master Ali and welcome to my program that I call Beyond Healing with Kyusho Jutsu.


Now what do I mean by Beyond Healing? Healing is healing, right?  I say Beyond, because in this program, I will include material that explains why sickness occur. The root causes of sickness.

Most of all why is it important to understand this?  First and foremost the more you understand less you will fear!


Therefore what I am about to share with you, for some of you it will be nothing new, but for the majority of you, it will create an unbalance in what you used to know as being real!  For the past 1 and half years our normal life, as we knew it has been changed. Hence this has created “unbalance” in our lives. Therefore I have based this program to help get your bodies back into “balance”.


I have selected a few pressure points to help remove the stress and anxiety of being locked in your homes. The videos that I have included will be based on 'Relieving lock downs’ anxiety and stress.  In the student study guide that is included, please make sure you save and print it, as in side there are more points that you can discover on your own.


I hope you enjoy this program and please read all the PDF’s that I have included to gain masterful insights in how the body heals itself and moreover how you can heal your body.

Thank you and all the best to you.
Master Ali​

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A Message from Grand Master Mason


I am both very thrill and honoured Master Ali is sharing this very important information with you. And especially free of charge. First, I have known Master Ali for many, many years and am privileged to call him friend. He is one of the most dedicated people I have know in my life. We communicate on different subjects daily.


Today we have a serious issue in our world. And I always call a spade a spade and I do not care if it "offends" someone. You can certainly disagree, but truth does not care about feelings.


Therefore today this course Beyond Healing with Kyusho Jutsu is essential. I have been earnestly studying Traditional Chinese Medicine a long time. Actually 30 years in fact.  So, if you are a critical thinker with your eyes open you have realized that Western Medicine is not about good health. It is a profit center for pharmaceutical companies.  If you watch TV at all you see countless ads for dangerous drugs sold wit the idea that ingesting chemicals will give you a  better life. And these chemicals come with warnings of serious side effects up to and including death. You are even now pushing these on our children! This is criminal!


Only in a corrupt failed society would this ever be allowed!

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