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In this fourth edition of my Beyond Healing series, we are going in deep within the brain to look at the causes of brain tension and why more and more people's minds are spinning out of control. 


As I said, in this course, we're going in deep, next we'll head down to the stomach and you'll learn how to "reset" your stomach for better health.  I have included a detailed healing plan that anyone can easily follow and achieve. And we're not done yet, on to the feet. 


The feet have an important role to play in restoring our help.  Those working in the service industry are constantly on their feet and tend to ignore this body part.  So we will revive our feet through a simple and easy reflexology massage and make you feel heavenly bliss.  The more relaxed your feet are, the more it relaxes your body and helps to activate the healing systems.


When you incorporate the healing of all three, the Brain, the Stomach and the Feet, you can restore balance to your entire body and enhance your well-being and in time your chronic sickness with be a thing of the past.

Includes instructional videos, 55-pages of course notes and Healing Education AND MORE.55 pages

Beyond Healing with Brain, Stomach & Feet

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