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Throughout this entire Beyond Healing Series, I focus on the fact that Healing is Voltage.  In this video course, I will tell you how I built my own DIY MED BED, that I used for myself and my family. 


There are companies selling MED BEDs in the thousands of dollars.  Healing does not have to be expensive.  From $500usd you can put together a MED BED that is effective to heal you. 

I will teach you to return BALANCE back to your body, by healing the Body, the Mind, the Heart, the Spirit and the Soul.  ONLY with true balance can you really begin to heal yourselves.

Includes 4+ hours of instructional video, 247 page DIY MED BED Manual and Healing Education.  Spreadsheet to plan your DIY MED BED project.  AND MORE.

Beyond Healing with DIY MED BED

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