Currency Exchange Planner

The 85% failed because they lacked the right tool to effectively help them plan.

The No. 1 Planning Tool for the Dinar Community.


Designed by a Dinarian for the Dinarians.

So easy and versatile to use.

The most advanced and complete planning tool available to Dinarians today.

Professional High Quality Colourful Reports can be printed.  Take a look at these samples.

Dashboard chart.jpg

You can view the CEP DASHBOARD in CHART form.

This is a cool feature especially for those who are visually oriented.  Easily see which categories are draining your money and adjust your plan as required.

You can  view with numbers or in chart.  It's your choice.

The CEP is the Ultimate Exchange Planner for ALL Dinarians.

CEP is the ONLY Exchange Planner available to Dinarians and in two formats.  Desktop and Mobile App


CEP has reached 70 countries and growing!

Thank you for making CEP The No. 1 planning tool for the Dinar Community.

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